paper installation

CODA Paper Art Exhibition - 7th July - 25th Oct 2015

I have been invited to show work at the CODA Paper Art Exhibition in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. I will be showing a new installation piece along side a number of smaller installation and cased works. I will continue to update my progress on the new installation piece as the approaches.

I will be exhibiting Galaxy Cluster from 2013 as well as a number of other pieces.

Djanogly Gallery Installation: Ice Form - Nov 2014 - Feb 2014

Ice Form-AS-Djanogly Café-31.jpg

Ice Form takes inspiration from the freezing process as it occurs in the natural world. This natural phenomenon can create magnificent forms and patterns such as icicles, ice caves and frozen waterfalls. This installation was produced through multiple layers of hand cut and folded paper, which builds up to form the 3D structure. A layering process which has a connection to the creation of the ice structures seen in nature, which are often formed from layers of melted and frozen water.

Ice Form was commissioned by The Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham. 

Watch the video below to see how the piece was constructed and installed.