Kickstarter Project Backed! - Nude Not Naked Exhibition goes to NY

We made it! Our Kickstarter project reached its funding goal and now we are preparing for the exhibition. The show opens on the 17th of April in Brooklyn, NY at Hawkeye Crates. This is a pop up show and runs until the 19th of April. So thats 3 beautiful nights! Hope you can make it.  

New Organ - Archival ink in Moleskine sketchbook

New Organ - Archival ink in Moleskine sketchbook

Nude Not Naked - Hawkeye Crates Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, USA. April 17th -19th 2015

Below: Vessel -limited edition silk screen print


Myself and fellow Wakefield atists, Richard Sweeney (paper sculpture) and Richard Wheater (performance and neon) have been given a chance to show a new body of work based around the human form. The piece will comprise of large scale installation works and a series of small works. 

We have launched a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to realise the exhibition. Please check out the project here and help us raise the necessary funds. For those who pledge there are a range of rewards including screen printed and original artworks. 

see our campaign video below

Djanogly Gallery Installation: Ice Form - Nov 2014 - Feb 2014

Ice Form-AS-Djanogly Café-31.jpg

Ice Form takes inspiration from the freezing process as it occurs in the natural world. This natural phenomenon can create magnificent forms and patterns such as icicles, ice caves and frozen waterfalls. This installation was produced through multiple layers of hand cut and folded paper, which builds up to form the 3D structure. A layering process which has a connection to the creation of the ice structures seen in nature, which are often formed from layers of melted and frozen water.

Ice Form was commissioned by The Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham. 

Watch the video below to see how the piece was constructed and installed.