Exhibition: Somewhere between Creation and Destruction - Joseloff Gallery, West Hartford, CT

Opening September 9th - October 26th

A new paper cut piece created for the exhibition:  Collapse I - 2014

A new paper cut piece created for the exhibition: Collapse I - 2014

recently made my first visit to the US to install a piece of work for the upcoming exhibition 'Somewhere between Creation and Destruction' at the Joseloff Gallery in West Hartford, CT. The installation was my large scale work 'Stellar Spire in the Eagle Nebula' which was first created in 2012 for The First Cut Exhibition. I will also be Showing some new 2D works, created for the exhibition. To find out more visit www.joseloffgallery.org

'Somewhere between Creation and Destruction will display traditional styles of papercutting, including Japanese kirie and katagami-style work by Kako Ueda and Aki Sogabe, as well as silhouette-inspired work by Béatrice Coron and cut text pieces by Rob Ryan and Julene Harrison.  Altered and handmade books by Su Blackwell, Sang-ah Choi, Max Marek, and Sarah Sze will share the stage with Olafur Eliasson’s impressive, laser-cut book, Your House.  Andy Singleton, Richard Sweeney, and Randal Thurston will build site-specific installations for our gallery, and new works will be created for the show by Simone Lourenço and Crystal Wagner.'

Installation in progress at the Joseloff Gallery

Installation in progress at the Joseloff Gallery